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To establish, endow, administer, equip, maintain and operate a research library, and thereby encourage foster, promote and advance, research and education in the field of engineering and geological science. The facilities of the library will be open and for the use and benefit of the general public.
— OIL Information Library By-Laws -- Article 5
Work space and Meeting Area -- Fort Worth OIL.

Work space and Meeting Area -- Fort Worth OIL.

OIL  History

The Oil Information Library of Ft. Worth opened its doors in 1985, creating a service center to the Oil and Gas community for housing hard data donated by majors, independents, and individuals for Texas and the surrounding states.  
Starting with Microfiche Log purchase from MJ and Texas Scout cards from UPR, specifically the Champlin Collection, and with the efforts of Clayton Valder, Wayne Mudd, Dan Murphy, Dennis Browing, Keith Davis and with Stuart Strife and Connie Hildebrand of UPR, and many Ft. Worth oil industry champions, the Library has grown in donations, and data, providing a robust set of Scout Cards, Microfiche electric logs, drillers logs, and maps, as well as published and gathered field studies, engineering and geological texts and treatises.  
The Oil Information Library doors have remained open since then and provide a unique body of oil and gas drilling and completion data, in particularly valuable, as individual companies merged, and scout reporting companies and collections have bought up and recreated digitally.
The Library is a first source for Geological research, and an ultimate source for running down that hard- to-find, old completion or wellbore information for your Prospect.   

OIL Today
Kathryn Canty came on board as Librarian in 2014, after the long care and stewardship of the Library under Roy English.  Kathryn comes with tremendous experience from the Wichita Falls Library, and Geo-Tech experience; she’s an oil patch girl!   She knows the OIL inventory well; and is able to find your specific data needs, in our library or through search in collaborative libraries in Texas and Oklahoma and Colorado.  

NEW Facilities at the Library
We have cleaned up and organized as new collections have come in. Come see us and use our Library for your work space.  
Work Cubicles                                       
Lighted drafting tables
Microfiche Readers and Printers
Copy machines


Get in Touch

or Stop By

Our library, housed in the basement of the Bank of America Building has WiFi and work cubicles, places to spread out and research and review data.  Our Librarian can direct you and connect you to the data you want.  Stop in, and find your next prospect. All communication is held in confidence.  

Cubicle and Free WiFi

Cubicle and Free WiFi



500 W 7th St.   #LL150

Fort Worth, TX 76102

Basement of Bank of America Building



Kathryn Canty: Librarian and Research Consultant



Through their dedicated and significant donations, time and contributions, these individuals and foundations have launched and sustained the library.  We thank you:

               Clayton Valder     Bob McReynolds     McGuire Oil     Sid Richardson Foundation     Burnett Foundation     Amon Carter Foundation   Minnie Piper Foundation     Klabzuba Oil and Gas    Jerry Stokes     UPRC   Range Resources     Burnett Oil