Oil Information Library of Fort Worth
Where Research Meets Prospects


Board of Directors



Jack Deans

Contact:  jdeans@burnettoil.com

Vice President

Rafael Zelaya

Contact:  rzelaya@burnettoil.com


Dennis Browning (Founding Board Member)

Contact:  dwbrowning@exproeng.com


Trey Cortez

Contact:  tcortez@burnettoil.com

Board Members at Large

Keith Davis (Founding Board Member)

Contact: kdavis98@verizon.net

Keith Shirley 

Contact:  keith.shirley@hknenergy.com

Gordon Roberts (Past President)

Contact:  groberts@jettaoperating.com

Jenny Hope

Contact:  jennyhope60@gmail.com

Travis Rall

Contact:  trall@viscointerest.com  

Byron Davis 

Contact:  bdavis@basinoilandgas.com

Michael O'Donnell (Past President)  

Contact:  modonnelltango@gmail.com


Founding and Past Board Members and Associates

Founding Board:   Dan Murphy,  Wayne Mudd,  Fred Cunningham,  Jack Hendrickson , Walter McRae,  Don Johnson,  Lee Berger,  Bill Lomerson,  W.P. Irving,  Chris Burkard,  Dick Jordan.  Charles McNutty,  Dennis Browning,   Keith Davis. 

Past Board Members: (Partial List-Please contact us if you have been a part of the Board)  Clayton Valder, Frank Panisczyzn,  Sean Creek, Paun Peters, Keith Ladner, Shana Wells,

Past Librarians:  Annette Zamberlin-Main.  Connie Hildebrand,  Penny Kennemer,  Kim Johnson,  Roy English.