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Why the Library

Analytics isn't just about examining fresh data; it's about incorporating past and present data to explore trends and patterns

Prospects Made, Vetted, sometimes Disproved: 

Stories that tell the value of that one obscure data point.

A key core report of  oil saturated reservoir rock downdip proved prospect and significant field extension.

Library Historic Map and Production data saved Operator's Lease.

A recompletion scout card with accurate depth reports killed the prospect, but saved a drilling budget.

Did your Digital Data provider pick up the replacement completion, not just recompletion, report?

Driller's Logs and original scouts reports have data not fully captured in digital migration.

Have you cross checked your single source key info?

Legacy Data can be used to ask and answer questions that were not contemplated when the data was collected.

"Legacy Cards are THE best source of completion data, DST and testing data"  Current Library Member


Geoscientists are limited only by their imagination, innovation, and determination.
— Michael T. Halbouty

Prospecting for Oil is a dynamic art. The greatest single element in all prospecting, past, present and future, is the man’s will to take a chance.
— Everett DeGolyer


Make your chance, take your chance, cover all your bases through your research at the

Oil Information Library of Fort Worth